My wife and I were drawn together by our mutual love of travel. Through the magic of credit card promos and an eye for cheap fares, we soon found ourselves on constant jaunts together for next to nothing. The world was ours for the taking.

Then one spring evening, the night before a weekend trip to New Orleans, we were thrown for a loop: Nicole wasn’t feeling strange because she was ill but rather because we were soon to be three. And soon, we thought, our trips would be zero.

How wrong we were. A few months later we had the most wonderful, well tempered little girl with a heart for adventure. Just 3 months into her life she was on a Delta flight headed east and a little road warrior was born.

This site is to share our trips but more to share the lessons life’s taught us as we’ve navigated the seemingly baffling world of travel with a little one. We’ve also set out to compile all the facts we can get our hands on about packing up and getting going with the best thing that’s ever happened to us.